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Building E-mail Lists



A lead magnet compels your site visitors to exchange information, such as their email address for access. This can be a free product sample, trial subscription, demo, or other product/service-related incentive.

A lead magnet not drives awareness but also provides information that helps a potential customer engage and find interest in your product or service.

In this video we will explore lead magnets under the following headings:

  • Relevance and Scarcity: How to match the content with your target audience and gauging its potential scarcity on Google
  • Perceived Value: Assessing the value of your offer to see if you are really giving a creative and unique solution that solves a real problem for people
  • Serving Your Business Purposes: Perceived value should not only establish you as an expert by ensures that your potential clients come back for more






Copywriting is writing text for advertising and other forms of marketing.

Copywritten text is designed to increase brand awareness with the aim of ultimately persuading one to take a particular action such making a purchase.

In this webinar we will look at copywriting at length.

We will examine:

  • How to write concisely with precision and clarity
  • The styles of copywriting for various digital media platforms
  • Adjustable copywriting formats which are responsive to changing market conditions
  • Increase copywriting speed by identifying, creating and re-using templates



On-line Marketing Optimization



On-line marketing, especially when it is on autopilot require optimisation. In this training video we will explore:

  • Focus on profit: Return versus volumes of views, clicks, shares etc.
  • From click to customer: Gauging the reasons for click through abandonment
  • Statistical Reporting: Understanding and using Google Analytics
  • Timing: Check for holidays, seasonal changes and cycles
  • Understand your target audience: Check demographic information of your potential client base
  • Landing pages: Generating trust with relevancy and clear branding
  • Consistency: Ensuring familiarity by consistent layouts and themes which all point to one course of action
  • Multi-platform: Use several advertising funnels such as Facebook, Google and so forth to see which delivers best for your budget

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