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What is GetResponse?
Build online presence with trusted marketing software (en)

Getresponse began as email marketing tool which has since evolved into a integrated business platform that includes:

  • E-mail Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Website builder
  • Live Chat
  • Landing Pages
  • Webinars
  • Sign ups
  • Conversion funnels

Who is GetResponse for?

Getresponse offers a scalable business platform. That is, it is modular according to the size and complexity of oneís business. It therefore can be tailored for small traders using a free account or scaled up for large corporations using a variety of monthly pricing plans.

What does GetResponse do?

Getresponse is designed develop businesses by enabling them, amongst other things to:

  • Generate more leads
  • Engage customers
  • Boost on-line sales

This brief article will examine whether GetResponse can really help businessess. It will look at the following:

  • GetResponse features
  • How well these features intergate with each other and external social media platforms
  • Ease of use
  • Help and technical support
  • Web marketing model overview
  • Pricing plans
GetResponse Features

Email Marketing

Turn leads into sales with free email marketing tools (en)

As GetResponse was originally designed as an e-mail marketing tool, it is not surprising that it has a whole array of the features which are:

Predesigned templates which allows even beginners within minutes to create professional looking emails optimized for any device using a drag and drop interface that matches oneís campaign goals. Layouts and sections can be customized with branding and content and then enhanced with a library of free stock photos. Designs can be previewed for both desktop and mobile devices. One can even create their own template library by importing other designs.

Autoresponders that send messages automatically to subscribers based on a particular time or event which in turn can be fine tuned further according to specific criteria. This feature is vital for newsletters, webinar alerts, product updates and special offers which in turn can be shared on social media or landing pages. Autoresponders can be programmed using GetReponse drag

and drop editor that allows one to set up an 'flowchart' that instructs GetResponse what to do if a user clicks on a certain offer etc.
List Management that allows one to upload contact lists and add data fields for quick grouping of clients according to niches. This can be augmented by e-mail based surveys to learn more about your client preferences for more targeted e-mails. You can in turn obtain and manage client consent for more marketing material using additional fields in oneís e-mails.
Email analytics that present statistics of oneís e-mail campaigns such as bounces, click through rates, unsubscribes, forwards and so forth to learn what emails have led to sales, signups, or visits to your website. This gives one valuable insights into how to fine tune a campaign. E-mail analytics is vital for split testing using different subject lines, layouts, images and call-to-action buttons to increase click rates. E-mail analytics can be configured to be automatically sent according to time and frequency with easy to digest graphs. However, note that GetResponse currently only allows five variants subject headers OR content. Moreover, only one variant can be tested at any given time. For example, the content of an e-mail can vary but their headers must remain the same.
Transactional emails which use API or SMTP triggers to send notifications that keep customers up-to-date with their purchases such as automated receipts, verification protocals, related product recommendations and abandoned cart reminders to win back unfinished orders.

SMS Marketing (Text Messaging)

In addition to e-mail, GetResponse offers SMS (Short Message Service) to create a multi-channel marketing platform. Like e-mail marketing this service can be automated using selected triggers and one can import their existing contact list already used for e-mails. Depending on the fields on the contact list, texts can be personalised with the recipient name and content specific to a market niche.

Free Website Builder

Be known by your own web domain (en)

As part of its new intergrated platform GetResponse has free a website builder which has the following features:

No-code solution for web site design which can be built in minutes using an on-line AI (Artifical Intelligence) wizard. This wizard works by asking you a few simple questions about oneís business needs.

Website templates for your industry which can be customized further according oneís specific business requirements.

The free website builder allows not only establishing an on-line presence for oneís goods and services but significantly facilitates integration with the other GetResponse features discussed in this article as well giving the option to link with other platforms such as YouTube etc.

Live Chat

Live Web Chats [en]

GetResponse also includes live chat facilities that is an instant way to connect with oneís customers.It makes buying easier by eliminating doubts in real-time Live chat includes:

  • A real-time, instant support that give customers a direct channel for contact and timely help
  • Segments based on chat history involving applying tags and custom fields to oneís contacts based on their chat history
  • Chats from landing pages and emails to enable chats from any platform displaying a chat button or text link
  • Customisable chat window using a welcome message, logo, colour scheme and personalized chat button


Landing Pages

Responsive Landing Page Templates

E-mail marketing campaign usually directs the user to a landing page which either captures user data or directs the user to a product or service. The latter is either for free such as a webinar or features an item for purchase, usually with a time bound money back guarantee. GetResponse offers:

  • Drag-and-drop mobile-friendly landing page builder which allows one to move, resize, crop, group, color, and reshape elements. The landing page can be enhanced using a library of free stock photos
  • Over 200 ready made, mobile responsive templates which are not only tailor made for a variety of businesses but are fully customizeable with an in built editor
  • GetResponse free domains which allows one to publish landing pages without having a web site. These free domains can be SEO-optimized with a page title and meta description
  • Performance analysis reports which feature visits, clicks, and conversions that can be coupled with split testing of various versions of the landing page to optimize results. The landing page can in turn be integrated with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and more
  • Webinar Builder

    Tools to sell knowledge online

    On-line webinars are generally vehicles to encourage some purchase by increasing engagement and conversions. GetResponse offers a no-download, easy-to-use webinar platform that has the followin features:

    Scalable platform that allows one to host unlimited webiners with up to 1,000 live attendees and provision to share the stage with two other presenters. There is also the option to store up to 20 hours of webiner recordings for later use

    Ease of design and deployment where the user has a choice of a professionally designed gallery of free invitation templates that are automatically prefilled with oneís webinar details. These in turn can be customized further with a unique webiner URL, registration fields and subscription settings for flexible scheduling

    Free Signup Forms

    List Building Forms

    Sign up forms are vital to turn website visitors into email subscribers and GetResponse offers:

    • Embedded forms for oneís blog and website which can feature on the site's footer, sidebar, top bar or anywhere that fits one's setup
    • Popups and scroll forms to grab visitors' attention and increase conversion rates
    • Simple-to-share signup links to forms that can be hosted by GetResponse in absence of any website
    • Form integration to quickly post forms to Facebook, Wordpress, and more
    • Pre-designed customizable templates which are also optimized for mobile devices, use fields from oneís GetResponse account and allows importing of HTML code and CSS styles
    • Business and subscriber data protection using Bureau Veritas officially accredited GDPR compliance tools
    including consent fields and reCAPTCHA to keep bots out of data capture

    Conversion funnels

    Conversion funnels - ultimate selling machine

    Finally, GetResponse offers a variety of templates for conversion funnels which are the ultimate target for all the above features. These funnels go beyond the sign up forms generically discussed above and include:

    • Simple opt-in funnels to capture new leads on one's landing page
    • Lead magnet funnels to capture email addresses by offering to share valuable content
    • Sales funnels to promote, sell, and deliver a products online
    • Webinar funnels to build relationships with free of paid content

    How well do GetResponse features intergate with each other and with external social media platforms?

    Internal Integration

    Menu Items: GetResponse features are consolidated and accessed in one menu. Though this centralizes interfacing with GetResponse it does not allow the user to fine tune things by adding items like short-cuts for more frequently used tools.

    Menu Grouping: Moreover the grouping of menu items into communication tools and growth tools, though useful, may not be layout preferred by everyone. Here again there is no facilities to make modifications

    Social Media Integration

    One can promote oneís website through the major social media channels within GetResponse. One can create, buy, share and manage Facebook, Instagram and Google Search ads using the following GetResponse features:

    Integrated dashboard to track all social media ads for comparative analysis with options to automatically install a Facebook Pixel on GetResponse landing pages, access Etsy and Unsplash photo library for Instagram posts and facilities to create search ad campaigns for Google

    New audience targeting according to the characteristics already identified in GetResponse analytics including enhanced blog traffic tools for Wordpress, WooCommerce, and Prestashop pages.

    Legal Issues: Integration with social media platforms, because of their international coverage, can lead to infringements on EU GDPR and US data protection laws. Currently GetResponse does not offer a mechanism to opt in or out of cookie use before those cookies are actually run. At best one can provide to notification to users that there are cookies. The only other alternative is to refrain from using items such as Facebook Pixel but this will rob GetResponse of a potentially valuable integration feature.

    General Platform

    General Layout

    GetResponse is an entirely web based platform so there is no need to download and install it. As such it can used on any device and is mobile phone friendly. GetResponse relies on time tested traditional hyperlinks for navigation with well positioned graphics, pictures and videos. Itís menu driven navigation on the home page gives a very good overview of what GetResponse has to offer without relying on a separate site map. The GetResponse web site avoids annoying pop ups and instrusive marketing videos from third party vendors.


    GetResponse features are accessible according to the various pricing options which will be outlined later in this article. These features can be accessed through menus, hyerplinks and graphics. Most of GetResponseís tools are drag and drop driven which is intuitively easy to learn and are generally uniform across the site. However, though the myriad templates certainly speed up the design and deployment of GetResponseís tools, the ability to adjust them is somewhat restricted and potentially error prone. Finally GetResponseís statistics, though comprehensive, can be somewhat overwhelming and more clarity is needed on what they are designed to tell the user.

    Help and technical support

    Like any platform GetResponse has a learning curve that may prove daunting for potential users. To mitigate this GetResponse offers:
    • Blogs covering lead generation, newsletters, web site building, market agency programs, e-mail marketing
    • Help Centre in form of a question and answer platform that covers the most frequently asked questions about using GetResponse tools
    • Resources featuring downloadable PDFs which covers not only using GetResponse but also migrating from other platforms like mailchimp
    • Case Studies that outline how entrepreneurs gained from using GetResponse by giving accompanying tips
    • Contact Support which is open 24/7 and operates across 182 countries in 26 languages using on-line chats or e-mails

    The above avenues of help not only address how to use GetResponse but, under the Resources section, also provides general marketing advice for on-line businesses

    Needless to say there is also an on-line sales enquiry contact page.

    Web Marketing Overview

    Like all business models, web based marketing aims to increase profits by doing one or both of two things:

    • decrease costs by increased productivity
    • increase income by capturing and retaining new clients.

    GetResponse does not introduce any revision of the traditional web based marketing model. Instead it purports to support this model with its existing features as seen in the table below.

    Procedure GetResponse Corresponding Feature
    Source high quality traffic Social Ads Creator, Social Media Ads Purchase
    Send traffic to a landing page Landing Page Creator
    Turn the traffic into leads Signup Forms, Conversion Funnels
    Nurture new leads with follow-up communication E-Mails, Webinars
    Start selling your products Sales Pages On-line Store, E-commerce Integration Shopping Cart
    Make more sales with automated follow-ups Abandoned Order Emails, Automatic Product Recommendations
    Upsell with relevant offers Promote Limited-Time Offers, After Customerís Purchase
    Get Paid Payment Processors, Automated Order Confirmations

    Price Plans

    Finally we will look pricing. Is GetResponse really worth it? In other words will any increase in producitivity or revenue which GetResponse generates significantly exceed the price of GetResponse itself?:

    It is worth noting that GetReponse has a free plan which letís one try out itís basic features for an unlimited time. If one wishes to acquire additional features then there are monthly subscription plans that feature discounts if one locks into annual or bi-annual contracts.

    There is a very big jump in monthly charges from the free version to the professional plan at £61.50 per month. However, the plans are still scaled so there is some room for flexibility and experimentation. One can change plans at short-notice but scale of price increase rises sharply so one should think carefully if the associated extra features are really worth it. It also would be helpful if GetResponse offers custom made solutions so one can scale any pricing plans exactly to those features which are really needed instead of bundling them into set packages. However, on the whole the monthly plans are still affordable for smaller businesses.


    GetResponse offers a flexible, scalable and integrated e-marketing platform which is relevant to most on-line businesses. It is user friendly and well supported with an array of on-line help tools. However, there is still no guarantee that the host of tools which GetResponse offers will give the user any significant market edge. Any marketing platform is ultimately only as good as its user who in turn must understand his target audience in order to acquire and retain them.

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