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Before purchasing our product perhaps you may wish to install a trial version.

This trial version allows you to test:

    if your firewall will block downloads from our web site

    if your computer is able to receive our e-mail notification of your product license

    if the software will install properly on your computer


In order to run this program you need:

    a computer running Microsoft Windows

    Microsoft Internet Explorer

    Broadband internet connection

    Installation instructions:

       The software is installed and then starts automatically using one compressed file. Depending on your version of Windows you will be asked

       to overwrite certain system files on your computer during installation. NEVER overwrite your existing system files if they are the latest versions.

The trial version, though coming with all the navigation features of the actual product, will only display a preview page.

Once you click here you will be redirected a hyperlink, with a purchase number underneath it, to download the software. Print and save the purchase number as you will need it to install the software.