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Annual Accounts

Estimated Rental Value (ERV)

If your business is a company you are obliged by law to submit annual

Property Company Profit and Loss

accounts to Companies House. In addition, your annual accounts has to be

Group Property Company Profit and Loss

submitted to HMRC to assess your tax liability. If you are registered charity

Internal Rate of Return

then you are normally exempt from submitting a return to HMRC.

Property Company Balance Sheets

However, you will then be obliged to submit a return to the Charity

Contractor's (Cost) Method


Group Property Company Balance Sheets

Net Operating Income

Management Accounts

Gross Operating Income

Management accounts are periodic reports of the financial performance of

Net Present Value

your business. They allow you to make comparisons with your present and
past performance to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your
business. Management accounts are usually produced on a monthly
or quarterly cycle.
Often small and medium size business lack the resources to keep track
of their finances. As a result they are usually less competitive in the market
place and are less likely meet government requirements for correct tax
returns and annual accounts submission. To help meet these requirements
we offer affordable bookkeeping services tailor made for small businesses.
VAT Returns
We prepare VAT returns. Currently businesses which have sales in excess
of a certain amount per annum have to be VAT registered. VAT means
Value Added Tax and this scheme is administered by HMRC. Businesses
which are VAT registered with the HMRC generally must charge VAT on the
goods and services they sell. The rate of VAT fluctuates according to what
is being sold. VAT registered businesses have to fill out a quarterly VAT
return known as VAT 100 Report.