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Building your property investment portfolio requires accurate financial

Top Ten Help Topics

reporting. To help you maximise the return on your investment we provide:

Estimated Rental Value (ERV)

Property Company Profit and Loss

Bespoke Management Accounts

Group Property Company Profit and Loss

Property stock performance reports

Internal Rate of Return

Income and expense analysis

Property Company Balance Sheets

Profitiability and break-even analysis

Contractor's (Cost) Method

Investment risk assessment and growth indicators

Group Property Company Balance Sheets

Property valuations according investment industry based criteria

Net Operating Income

Gross Operating Income

Quarterly and Annual Statutory Accounts

Net Present Value

Property investment tax liability calculations
Identification of allowable expenses to minimize taxes
Minimization of capital gains tax liability for investment property sales
Minimization of stamp duty payments for investment property purchases
To assess the current return of your property investment portfolio
determine the future break-even points of each property we provide
periodic financial reporting covering:
These reports allow you to compare all your properties using "snap shot"
integrated accounts to identify the strength and weakness
in your investment portfolio.
Income and Expense Analysis
Debt Coverage Ratio
Gross Operating Income
Net Operating Income
Operating Expenses
Rental Vacancy and Credit Loss
Investment Risk Assessment and Growth Indicators
Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
Cash-on-Cash Return
Cost of Capital
Equity Dividend Rate
Gross Potential Income
Internal Rate of Return
Loan-to-Cost Ratio
Loan-to-Value Ratio
Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR)
Present Discounted Value
Real Estate Break Even Ratio
Real Estate Leverage
Real Estate Pyramiding
Selling Price Calculations
Profitiability and Break-Even Analysis
Capitalisation Rate (Cap Rate)
Cash Flow
Discounted Cash Flows
Estimated Rental Value (ERV)
Gross Rent Multiplier
Net Present Value
Return on Investment
Property Stock Reports
Group Property Company Balance Sheets
Group Property Company Profit and Loss Statements
Group Property Company Stock Analysis
Property Stock Analysis
Property Company Balance Sheets
Property Company Profit and Loss Statements
Property Valuations
Comparable Method
Contractor's (Cost) Method
Development (Residual) Method
Income (Investment) Method
Profit (Accounts) Method
Real Estate Appraisal