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Business Plan

A business plan is a document that outlines how a business can allocates its often scarce resources to ensure its short term survival and its long term growth.

A business plan addresses three main phases of business development:

  • Establishment:Developing products and services, finding and keeping customers
  • Consolidation:Sourcing competent staff, developing and maintaining quality standards and financial controls
  • Growth:Attracting funding with full accountability to creditors and investors
  • It is the third phase, namely attracting funding, which is generally the key objective of a business plan. Within this context a business plan will normally feature the following:

    Executive Summary:
  • Table of contents and key points of the business plan
  • Organisation Background:
  • When business established
  • Current accountant, solicitors and bankers
  • Staff including qualifications and experience
  • Share holders and directors for trading companies
  • Trustess for non-profit organisations
  • Existing obligations and liabilities
  • Past Performance
  • Summary of at least 3 years of performance
  • Notable successes
  • Lessons learnt from any failures
  • Benchmark quality standards achieved
  • Current Activities
  • Current goods and services
  • Existing client base
  • Objectives and strategies
  • Market Forces
  • Market size and any projected growth
  • Competition
  • Distribution and supply
  • Goods and service development
  • Unique selling points and competitive edges
  • Performance Measures and Reporting
  • Financial controls
  • Risk assessment and contingency planning
  • Staff quality standard monitoring
  • Client patron, satisfication and performance assessment
  • Assets and Security
  • Bank account balances and other liquid assets
  • Fixed assets
  • Sources of income from other creditors and investors
  • Funding Sought and Conditions
  • How much
  • For what
  • When
  • Spending forecasts and budgets
  • Expected Outputs and When
  • New goods and services
  • Improvement in exisitng goods and services
  • Increase in client base
  • Increase in profits
  • Any loan repayments to creditors
  • Projected highlights
  • Note that business plans are designed to obtain either revenue funding or capital funding or both. Both types of business plans can be purchased together on our site.for 5 + VAT. These are actual real life documents which were used to help secure large government capital grants and private revenue funding. Further information including license details can be found at our home page.